“NZ First couldn’t find the courage to save licenced firearms owners in 2019, but it might just magically appear in time for an election”, says ACT’s Firearms Reform Spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“Shane Jones has told a shooting organisation that NZ First is going to apologise to licenced firearms owners for supporting the Government’s firearms reforms and that they will oppose the firearms register.

“It’s amazing that NZ First can find their principles when votes are at stake.

“The best indicator of future performance is past performance. When the chips were down, NZ First betrayed licenced firearms owners and, if it suits them, they’ll do it again.

“Licenced firearms owners have long memories, and they know that only ACT stood up for them. After our nation’s tragedy in Christchurch, only ACT opposed the Government’s rushed and reckless lawmaking.

“NZ First has let voters down time and time again. Given the chance, they’ll repeat the cycle: Promise. Betray. Apologise. Repeat.”

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