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Stop non-urgent laws

during the COVID-19 crisis

While New Zealanders are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, the Government is sneaking its political agenda through Parliament. This is not the leadership we deserve in a crisis.

On matters ranging from allowing prisoners to vote to fundamentally reshaping our resource management laws, the Government has refused to extend the deadlines for select committees to allow them to properly hear the public's submissions.

The Government is attempting to avoid public scrutiny by pushing legislation through at a time when New Zealanders are distracted and less able to engage in the democratic process. It amounts to making laws with no public consultation at all.

Defend your right to be heard. Sign my petition telling the select committees to stop non-essential lawmaking.

David Seymour MP
ACT Leader

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Select Committees: Stop working on non-essential legislation until COVID-19 is under control

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Among the bills being pushed through during the COVID-19 crisis are: