“New Zealanders deserve four straight weeks at Level 1, so that voters can get out and meet the candidates,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“We can’t have a free and fair election while candidates and voters in our largest city are effectively under house arrest.

“Elections are not just about politicians talking, but about hearing voters’ concerns.

“For example, today I had planned a series of street corner meetings, a meeting with the North Shore Chinese Association, and a supporters’ dinner in central Auckland. All of these events are now cancelled.

“In addition, the only nationally-televised environment debate in three years - scheduled for Q+A this morning - has been called off.

“The Prime Minister’s decision tomorrow must maximise our chances of having four weeks at Level 1 prior to the election.

“If she believes we can get four weeks at Level 1 in the run up to a 19 September election, it should go ahead, but that would mean lifting restrictions on Friday 21 August, as she said was possible.

“If the PM decides to delay the election by more than two weeks, Parliament should return so that it can continue to ask questions and hold the Government accountable for its response to the Covid-19 outbreak.”