Reports that Jacinda Ardern is considering new public holidays as a response to Covid-19 shows Labour has no economic recovery plan,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Asked this afternoon whether the Government would give workers more time off, or create new public holidays, the Prime Minister said she was ‘giving active consideration’ to the ideas.

“New Zealand is facing the worst economic crisis in a century. Businesses are closing down and laying off staff. Additional public holidays will increase costs and reduce incomes.

“Is the Prime Minister really saying that the Government’s best idea for an economic recovery is that New Zealanders should go on holiday?

“Last week, Labour revealed its plan is to borrow $140 billion, try to run the economic rebuild from inside the Beehive, and tax New Zealanders harder to pay for it all.

“In short, it is throwing money at problems and pet projects in order to secure re-election in September, and future generations will have to pay off the debt. There’s no coherent strategy for recovery.

“Today’s idea is the clearest indication yet that Labour has no long-term economic recovery plan.

ACT’s Alternative Budget shows how we can instead harness the energy of workers and businesses with lower taxes and less red tape, unleash New Zealand’s potential, and come out of Covid-19 as a richer country.

“ACT would reduce the nice-to-have spending that was once affordable in good economic times. We would restart the economy, not with low-value handouts and Phil Twyford-run public works, but by cutting taxes and red tape.

“We can unleash New Zealand’s potential with lower taxes and regulatory barriers. We can have a job-rich economic boom in the wake of Covid-19 for the benefit of the next generation.

“We need to put our trust in the people. Our economic recovery will come not from the Beehive, but through millions of New Zealanders making a difference in their own lives.”