David Seymour has welcomed a new poll which shows the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders support an assisted dying law change.

The poll, conducted by Horizon Research, found 74 per cent of New Zealanders believe that if you are mentally competent, and aged 18 or over with an end-stage terminal disease, you should be able to get medical assistance to end your life. Just 19 per cent were opposed.

“These results are consistent with over 20 years of public polls on assisted dying in New Zealand conducted time and time again by reputable polling companies.”

“While Members of Parliament may have been targets of a well-orchestrated campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt over the past few months by a motivated and vocal minority opposed to the End of Life Choice Bill, the evidence is abundantly clear that voters want this choice,” says Mr Seymour.

“Any Member of Parliament undecided on the issue of assisted dying should be reassured that a vote for the End of Life Choice Bill at second reading is in line with the views of their constituents and wider New Zealand.

“If they’re still not convinced by these polls, then I suggest to MPs that voting the Bill through second reading and allowing the public to have their say in a binding referendum at the General Election would provide the evidence once and for all.” 

Further information on the poll can be found here.