Monday, 22 July 2019

New gun reforms must not be rushed

“The Government must not rush the the next phase of firearms reform,” ACT Leader David Seymour says.

“Jacinda Ardern and Stuart Nash should ensure that the second tranche of gun law reform announced today goes through a robust and democratic process.

“In April, the Government treated law-abiding gun owners with contempt by forcing legislation through Parliament in just nine days without meaningful parliamentary scrutiny or public consultation.

“ACT was the only party to vote against the legislation. The events of the past several weeks vindicate that decision.

“Police errors show they are ill-equipped to carry out the ‘buyback’ scheme and few of the hundreds of thousands of now-banned guns have been handed in.

“The unfortunately reality is that, because of the Government’s actions, thousands of guns may now go underground, without regulatory oversight, making New Zealand less safe.

“The Government must show a willingness to properly consult with the gun community, the public, and other political parties on the new legislation.

“ACT believes we should consider changes to firearm licencing and the ‘fit and proper person’ test.

“If the Government is willing to observe a full and democratic process, rather than rushing its legislation, ACT will consider its proposals carefully and work constructively for better public policy.”