“The National Party’s support for today’s Taxpayers’ Union’s Inaugural Jonesie Awards smacks of hypocrisy at its finest,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Today’s awards hosted in Parliament by National Party MP Chris Penk saw three golden sows presented for the worst government waste in a year.


“The Central Government award for waste went to the New Zealand Film Commission for paying producers of the TV show “Power Ranges” $1.6 million to reference New Zealand in its script.


“However, the National Party spent over $500 million of taxpayer money on film and television producers during their time in Government.


“Not to mention the ACT Party found over $1.1 billion of National Party corporate welfare that could be cut to fund company tax cuts, such as R&D Growth Grants and Major Events Funds.


“Make no mistake, the Jonesie Awards may take their name from NZFirst Minister Shane Jones but the National Party are equally guilty of frivolous wasteful spending.


“ACT is the only party that’s been consistent on cutting government waste.”