David Seymour has today welcomed the National Party’s adoption of four ACT Party policies – a signal that the party provides much needed intellectual horsepower to the centre-right in New Zealand

“In his State of the Nation speech today, National Party Leader Simon Bridges committed to: reinstating charter schools, reforming the Resource Management Act, no new taxes, and ending bracket creep.

“I worked for six years as an advisor and Under-Secretary for Education to establish charter schools. They helped thousands of disadvantaged children who had been failed by the state education system.

“The Resource Management Act is the biggest obstacle to building houses and bringing housing costs down. ACT offered National multiple opportunities to meaningfully reform the RMA in the last term.

“No nation has taxed itself into prosperity. ACT has consistently pushed for New Zealanders to keep more of what they earn through flatter taxes and an end to bracket creep.

“ACT will continue to provide ideas for a better tomorrow.”