“ACT is disappointed to hear National’s Climate Change spokesperson Scott Simpson contradict new National staffer Matt Burgess’ common sense approach to climate change,” says ACT’s Climate Change spokesperson Simon Court.

“Burgess’ approach is the same as ACT’s, the only party to vote against the Zero Carbon Act. There is an opportunity for National to line up with ACT and also support a rational economic approach to climate change.

“Simpson said on Newshub Nation this morning that Mr Burgess’ remarks in his excellent Pretence of Necessity report do not reflect National Party policy or position.

“Mr Burgess’ report shows that our current approach to climate change is fundamentally misunderstood and based on assumptions that are not true.

“National is choosing to carry on with the charade that the Zero Carbon Act is anything more than a costly excuse for more bureaucracy with no impact on emissions. They’re not prepared to have an honest conversation on climate change like ACT is.

“As Mr Burgess wisely points out, the Government has already capped emissions so other policies cannot reduce emissions from under the cap anyway.

"ACT is the only Party to vote against the Zero Carbon Act, and instead we propose a realistic climate change policy that matches our efforts with our trading partners’ with minimal bureaucracy. We should set a cap on total emissions in line with the actual reductions of our trading partners, then allow New Zealanders to import high quality foreign carbon credits so we pay the world price, not an artificial price.”

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