“Tourism Minister Stuart Nash has admitted he has no idea how much revenue has been lost as a result of his Government’s policies” says ACT’s Tourism spokesperson James McDowall.

“This morning Nash announced an “Industry Transformation Plan.” How can he transform an industry when he doesn’t know how bad the damage is he’s trying to repair?

“While we are encouraged he's working with the industry, knowing what he’s dealing with will be crucial for the recovery.

“This work should have begun in March 2020 when the border closed. Instead, it’s taken almost two years and the report won’t be delivered until mid-next year.

“The tourism sector has been one of the hardest hit industries as a result of COVID-19. Jobs have been lost, businesses have folded, and entire communities have been impacted.

“Despite the widespread devastation, Tourism Minister Stuart Nash can’t even be bothered counting the costs.

“These businesses have been affected through no fault of their own. The one person that should be across how badly they’ve been affected is the Minister in charge, especially when he’s also the Minister for Economic Development and Small Business.

“The tourism industry is tired of the uncertainty and a Minister who shows no interest in their plight. It’s time for Nash to start doing his job, let us know the true cost and give a plan so businesses know when they’ll see a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.”

Written Parliamentary Question:

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Portfolio: Tourism (Hon Stuart Nash)
Question: Has the Minister received any estimates on how much revenue has been lost in the tourism industry since March 2020, and if so, what were those estimates?
Reply: No, but the next Tourism Satellite Account for the year ended March 2021 will be released in December 2021 and will provide relevant data.
49879 (2021)

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