I'm welcoming the Prime Minister’s support for my bill to liberalise Easter Trading rules.

The Prime Minister told The Country yesterday that Easter Trading rules were outdated and inconsistent and that he was personally supportive of the proposed changes.

I'm pleased to have the Prime Minister's support and I hope other MPs will consider the points he's made, such as the inconsistency in shutting down brick-and-mortar stores while online outlets continue to trade.

The Prime Minister has acknowledged that each National MP is free to vote with their conscience. It shows he is genuine about allowing each MP to consult freely with their own beliefs, and with their communities. Other party leaders should take notice.

MPs on the fence ought to consider results of a scientific poll released this week showing that supporters of every political party favour allowing shops to open over Easter.

I’ll continue to have conversations about this bill with MPs in every party, making the case for freedom while also addressing concerns over workers’ rights. My bill looks after workers as it retains the existing employee protections that apply in respect of Easter Sunday and extends these protections to Good Friday.

Fundamentally, my bill replaces a confusing patchwork of local trading policies with a universal principle that if you want to trade over Easter, you can. And if you want to have those days off, you can have that too.

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