ACT Leader David Seymour has reaffirmed his call for the Christchurch Royal Commission of Inquiry to include scrutiny of the Police response after further questions were raised by the community and media.

“I have heard several unconfirmed reports that Police arrived at the Masjid Al Noor mosque while the attacker was still there but did not prevent him from leaving,” says Mr Seymour.

“Now the local community is demanding answers from Police.

“Media has also repeatedly asked Police for a timeline of events from 15 March, but the agency will not provide specifics.

“Police either do not know the timeline of events or aren’t willing to say. This confirms the need for their response to be considered by the Royal Commission.

“It is not a pleasant question, but it needs to be asked how a single perpetrator was able to move from one site, drive seven kilometres through a major city to another site, and commit further atrocities, then escape the second site as well. I’m not aware of any terror attack worldwide where a single terrorist was able to move to multiple sites.

“The Prime Minister’s reason for not including the Police response in scope – that they need space to do their job – is genuinely perplexing. New Zealanders need to have confidence that they are doing their job.

“It is critical that the Police response to the attacks be scrutinised independently of the Government so that New Zealanders can have confidence in them.

“The Royal Commission must consider every aspect of these tragic events.”