Speculation that Phil Twyford will have responsibility for light rail taken off him is yet more evidence of a skills shortage within the Labour Party,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Twyford failed to deliver KiwiBuild and it was given to Megan Woods. He also failed to deliver light rail and it will be given to Grant Robertson.

“Twyford has failed to deliver Labour’s two flagship policies and is still number five in the Cabinet because Labour has few heavy-lifters.

“A skills shortage in the Labour Cabinet has resulted in part-time Ministers making mistakes on Covid-19.

“Chris Hipkins can’t give enough attention to Health because he’s also the Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, State Services and Leader of the House. The fact that he’s a part-time Health Minister allowed Covid-19 to breach the border and cause a second lockdown. He’s only in the job because David Clark was too busy mountain biking and shifting house to do his job.

"MIQ Minister Megan Woods hasn’t been able to give enough attention to the job because she’s been trying to clean up the mess Phil Twyford left behind in housing and run the Labour Party campaign. She's also in charge of two other portfolios.

“Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis has been on holiday throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

“I feel sorry for the Prime Minister. She only has a few Ministers pulling their weight and the rest are free-riding.

“Labour simply isn’t up to the scale of the economic challenges posed by Covid-19.”