“The ACT Party is calling on the Government to extend the consultation period for the consultation for He Waka Eke Noa, says ACT’s Primary Industries spokesperson Mark Cameron.

“Public meetings should be an important part of the consultation process. These are unable to talk place under the current Red restrictions we currently face.

“This is too important to have it rushed through. As it stands farmers and rural communities across provincial New Zealand will barely have a few months to consult and consolidate a pricing structure for on-farm emissions.

“It is hardly surprising Labour wants to rush this through. The Government spent half of last year shoving legislation through under urgency to push through its agenda without proper scrutiny and now even with Omicron in the community the Government wants to push this through.

“Act agrees that this is an important issue. It warrants full discussion and disclosure.

“As it stands, reconciliation must be met by April this year. Hardly fair cricket when Omicron is on the hoof, farmers just want a fair run at the wicket.

“The Government has told us all to buckle up, Omicron is on its way. But public feedback on policies that effect whole swaths of New Zealanders for generations can go ahead.

“ACT is calling on the government to help this process progress with some fairness and honestly. We’re asking for the entire country to be at Orange, and a three-month extension to the public consultation process.

“Let’s allow all farmers and communities a chance to have their say. We all want the right outcomes for rural New Zealand and that can only happen when everyone is involved.

“ACT has always said good public policy is the core of what we do for New Zealanders, and we are asking the Government, at the very least to try doing the same.”

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