“The Government’s lack of common sense around MIQ is plain for all to see with an admission that just four people out of 24,000 tested positive after day eight,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“For three months the Government kept 24,000 people locked up for a week longer than was needed. That’s 144,000 days locked in rooms to diagnose four cases.

“As usual, the Government did absolutely no cost benefit analysis. It left thousands of returning Kiwis in isolation and kept other Kiwis from coming home for just four cases.

“It should have been monitoring the trends of case numbers and making decision in line with that.

“Families are separated, people have missed funerals of loves ones and people have been unable to fill jobs – all for four cases.

“If someone is fully vaccinated and has tested negative, they should be able to isolate at home. MIQ is a joke and it’s time to let Kiwis come home and families be reunited.”