“We cannot allow a public service boss to deliberately thwart a coalition policy,” says ACT Public Service spokesman Todd Stephenson.

“Ministry of Disabled People chief executive Paula Tesoriero has reportedly emailed all staff telling them: ‘Please continue to use our full name when referring to us, Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People.’

“The chief executive's instruction actively contradicts the Government's policy for public agencies to transition to English primary names.

“Ministry bosses are required to implement the policies of elected officials, whatever their own opinions or those of their staff may be. If a public servant can’t bring themself to implement a government policy, they shouldn’t be in the public service.

“Most public servants understand this. ACT thanks those who every day set aside their personal opinions and work to deliver on the Government’s mandate.

“As it stands, we seem to have at least one Ministry thumbing its nose at the elected Government. This cannot be allowed to stand. The Government is made up of elected Parties that have made many commitments to voters in our coalition agreements. ACT intends to keep its promises, and we won't let bolshie public servants stand in our way.”

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