“The Corrections Association (CANZ) has made pens with the phrase “Where’s Kelvin” printed on them and the response from Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis is that he wants one so he can frame it,” says ACT’s Corrections spokesperson Toni Severin.

“An entire department feels let down by their Minister to the point they have made merchandise mocking him. Any decent Minister would be deeply embarrassed by this but not Kelvin, he thinks it’s funny.

“At a rare appearance today, at a Select Committee he had no choice but to attend, Davis gave a long-winded explanation that he hasn’t been able to visit prisons because of COVID. That’s not why CANZ says he’s MIA, it’s because he does nothing.

“Corrections officers have an incredibly difficult job and they should feel like their Minister has their back. Kelvin is more interested in supporting the criminals.

“Kelvin Davis should spend less time worrying about framing the merchandise that mocks him for being invisible and more time doing his job.”

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