ACT MP Laura Trask is introducing a bill to the private members’ ballot allowing company directors to leave their residential address off the Companies Office’s register.

“There is no practical justification for the current requirement that company directors have a residential address publicly listed,” says Trask.

“The rule creates obvious risks of harassment, and in my view and in ACT’s, it’s a simple breach of privacy.

The Post recently reported a case where a director felt forced to break the law to avoid having her address listed, because the legal option – getting a protection order – would have involved cost, delay, and potentially even coming face to face with the man harassing her. That’s completely unacceptable.

“As a former company director myself, it was always scary to think that a customer or contractor with a grievance would be able to track me down at home, at any time of the day or night.

“In the Institute of Directors’ annual sentiment survey, issues addressed by my bill topped the list of personal concerns for directors.”

The Companies (Non-publication of Directors’ Residential Addresses) Amendment Bill was previously submitted in 2021 by Brooke van Velden, who has since been appointed a Minister.

Laura is ACT’s spokesperson for Small Business and Manufacturing, Mental Health, Education, and Seniors. A copy of the Member’s Bill can be found here.

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