ACT is listening.

Sick of playing follow the leader?

The time to Change Your Future is now. The same two big parties have been taking your vote for granted for long enough.

The media is on the Labour bandwagon, and wants you to believe that your vote doesn’t matter, and can’t make a difference. Don’t let them. There’s a better way — you can hold the media and the politicians in Wellington accountable with a vote for ACT.

The change we need can only come if you vote for it.

The rest are talking. We’re listening. We’ll deliver the change New Zealand needs. Join us, and tell us what you think.

David Seymour MP
ACT Leader

Are you an ACT voter?

ACT is the party for those who:

  • Are individualistic

  • Have an eye on tomorrow and respect for the past

  • Believe that we should strive for more and deserve better

  • Have been treated unfairly, unjustly or disrespectfully by the Government

  • Understand that with freedom comes personal responsibility.

What does ACT believe?

ACT are the only party which:

  • Dares to challenge the status quo

  • Stands up for the underdog, the marginalised and those who are outside of the mainstream

  • Doesn’t give up, listens, and then – from End of Life Choice to cutting unnecessary red-tape and regulation - gets it done.

ACT's Campaigns