“Jacinda Ardern’s idealism has tonight collided with energy reality as the lights went out in the Waikato,” says ACT’s Energy spokesperson Simon Court.

“This Government has declared a climate emergency, waged war on energy sources it doesn’t like, and tried subsidising those it does like, but at the end of the day comes night, and there is not enough energy.

“The problem is hitting home tonight, literally, as the lights go out in the Waikato.

“The Government may argue it is not responsible for this crisis, one thing is for sure, if it doesn't change its thinking, it won't be responsible for getting us out of this.

“It turns out the real climate emergency is a cold, still night in winter when all the heat pumps are turned to full.

“The focus should be on security of supply and affordable electricity, not banning certain fuels.

“The Government has employed hundreds of working groups, and launched enquiries into petrol stations, super markets and state care. It hasn’t committed anything to energy security.

ACT forecast these problems in June.

“The energy crisis is not only hitting homes but hospitals too. After RSV and chronic shortages of nearly everything, hospitals are facing medically critical patients as refugees from their powerless homes.

“It’s time the Government got its priorities straight and focuses on the basic needs of New Zealanders. It’s should have seen this coming.”

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