Friday, 16 October 2020

Lend us your vote

“ACT is putting out a final call to voters of all stripes. To people who perhaps have never thought of voting ACT, or those who have always 'bled blue', I say this: Lend us your vote this time and at the end of three years, I think you’ll want us to keep it,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“It has never been more important to hold all of the other parties accountable.  To ensure that the government doesn't saddle the next generation with a debt it can never hope to pay off.  We will fight for a faster recovery and a lower tax burden. ACT will never fear speaking truth to power in Wellington. Our values are your values.

“Our focus will be on making good laws that benefit New Zealanders; we have all seen too much petty politicking. And the simple truth is, you deserve better.

“We have a bold vision for a freer, more prosperous New Zealand. Where businesses and workers’ pay less tax; where the next generation is as free to build houses as the last. We will take a modern approach to taking the politics out of infrastructure, and a blue-green approach to the environment that puts innovation in-place of over-regulation. Real results instead of over-heated rhetoric.

“ACT will always stand on principle against bad policy. Many of the votes in Parliament have been 119-1. Whether it was the rushed firearms laws which won’t actually make Kiwis safer, End of Life Choice, or the botched Zero Carbon Act, we have been prepared to put what is right ahead of what is politically expedient.

“This we have done with just a single MP. Imagine what ACT could deliver with more. A Party Vote for ACT is a vote for accountability.  It is a vote for an honest debate. And a vote for the small businesses and self-starters who will drive our recovery. Seven of our top ten are business owners who understand the struggles New Zealand businesses are facing in the real world.

“Trust and transparency have never been more important. New Zealand needs a genuinely independent team to hold them all accountable.

“That's why I’m asking New Zealanders to party vote ACT and together, let's change your future.”