An Auckland University law professor who wrote fraudulent letters to newspapers against the End of Life Choice Bill is now obfuscating on the reasons behind his campaign, claims ACT Leader David Seymour.

Stephen Penk told the Dominion Post he did not intend to mislead people by using a false name: “I was writing in a purely private capacity, and did not want my views purportedly associated with, or attributed to, the Auckland Law School, as might have been the case if my surname were included."

“But, as the Dominion Post points out, Penk provided his last name in public submissions against the End of Life Choice Bill, telling MPs he was a law professor.

“Does Mr Penk still stand by his statement that he wasn’t trying to mislead? Or is he simply making it up as he goes along?

“New Zealanders deserve an open and honest debate on this issue.

“Nobody – and especially not senior academics – should feel the need to exaggerate the support for their cause by using a fake names.”