Monday, 31 May 2021

Laura Fergusson Trust meeting with Minister raises more questions than answers

“The Laura Fergusson Trust and Health Minister Andrew Little need to be upfront with the community about what was discussed at their meeting on Friday night,” says ACT Leader and Epsom MP David Seymour.

“The Laura Fergusson Trust released a statement today claiming about Andrew Little ‘…he was satisfied that the Board of LFTI Auckland understands the charitable objectives of the Incorporated Society, which are to assist disabled people in accordance with its Constitution and Rules.’

“The Trust has long claimed it does not have enough money to operate sustainably, and the Minister has said in Parliament that ‘all options are on the table.’

“So, did the Trust ask about funding? Did the Trust disclose that it has already sold the land, or is it so far along in that process it couldn’t reopen even if it was pressed? Is that why members of the public have reported seeing surveyors measuring up the land in the past week?

“Just what was the purpose of the meeting with the Minister? Who initiated it? Why did it take place on a Friday night? Was there an agenda or minutes?

“All these questions and more deserve answers, for the sake of those who have benefited for the trust, and the central Auckland community who fundraised for it.”