The latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll will have a desperate Government thinking about screwing the scrum in the coming months, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“NZ First has fallen below the 5 per cent threshold, meaning it will be turfed out of Parliament once again in 2020 unless the Government reduces the threshold to 4 per cent.

“The Greens are nervously hovering on 5 per cent.

“NZ First’s result comes despite its having access to a $3 billion slush fund with which to drum up support in the provinces.

“NZ First and the Greens are so unpalatable they cannot win an electorate seat. They have to achieve the 5 per cent threshold, making it all the more likely that the Government will engineer a dirty deal to help them out.

“Meanwhile, ACT is on the cusp of a second seat in Parliament. Just 5000 more votes would bring Beth Houlbrooke to Wellington.

“Only a strong ACT Party can ensure that National sticks to its no new taxes commitment, cuts wasteful spending, and slashes red tape and bureaucracy.”