“A plan to increase the landfill levy six-fold is the eighth time the Government has broken Jacinda Ardern’s promise to introduce no new taxes”, according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“In September 2017, then-Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern said a government she led would not introduce any new taxes.

“A increase in the landfill levy follows higher fuel taxes, a regional fuel tax, higher road user charges, extending the ‘bright line test’ to five years, ringfencing rental losses, a visitor tax, and higher tobacco taxes.

“By 2021, the average household will be paying about $2,800 more in tax each year to pay for Labour's spending promises. That’s almost three weeks’ wages for someone on the median income. Hardworking taxpayers are bearing the cost of this Government’s reckless tax and spend approach.

“Increasing the landfill levy is a terrible idea. Councils should be free to charge for landfill on a cost recovery basis, rather than being dictated to by central government as a means to change behaviour.

“ACT is the only political party committed to cutting taxes. We would introduce a single, flat tax rate of 17.5 per cent on all individual and company income.

Freedom to Earn would cut the overall tax burden by $10 billion, achieved by reducing wasteful and low-value spending like handouts for business and middle-class university students, and creating the fairest, simplest, most competitive tax system in the world.”