Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Labour displaying third term arrogance in just third year

“Jacinda Ardern’s first term Government is showing all the hallmarks of third term arrogance,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Government apparently believes that it is exempt from scrutiny because it is led by a popular Prime Minister and has forgotten that its job is to listen to and represent the people.

“We’re seeing numerous examples of this arrogance.

“Today, a leaked email from Chris Hipkins’ office demanded Ministers decline requests to appear before the Epidemic Response Committee.

“Labour MP Tamati Coffey told a business owner who had been decimated by the lockdown that we should instead be worried about the Prime Minister.

“This follows the Treasury Secretary and the Tourism Minister failing to appear before the Committee to answer questions about the Budget.

“After a Friday afternoon document dump nine days ago, the Prime Minister’s office ordered Ministers to dismiss questions and refuse interviews.

“A few weeks ago, Labour MP Deborah Russell suggested that business owners who were struggling with the lockdown were themselves to blame.

“It normally takes at least two terms in government for this level of arrogance to take hold. Ministers come to believe they’re above answering questions from journalists and the public.

“New Zealanders are now starting to see arrogance from this Government on a weekly basis.

“Jacinda Ardern promised the most open and transparent government in New Zealand’s history. More importantly, she offered to do politics differently.

“What we’re getting is business-as-usual politics from a Government that has forgotten that its job is to represent the people.

“New Zealanders deserve much better than that.”