“After its dismal performance on Māori issues in government, Labour deserves to lose every single Māori electorate this year”, according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Labour’s Māori caucus of 13 is a record and the Ministry is almost a third Māori. What have they achieved?

“ACT’s charter schools were closed to appease the teachers' unions without any regard for the Māori students who had been so badly failed by the state education system.

“Whanau Ora is a mess and Labour is now attempting to undermine the programme by giving more control to Wellington bureaucrats. Oranga Tamariki is accused of abusing its power and is being lambasted by senior Māori figures. Kōhanga Reo languishes, with enrolments declining every year.

“There are more Māori dependent on welfare than when this Government took office. Child poverty statistics aren’t far behind.

“ACT did more for Māori through charter schools than 13 Labour MPs have managed to achieve in more than two years in government. Charter schools changed the lives of Māori students who had been completely failed by state schools.

“Labour ended what has been described as the most innovative social public policy in the past twenty years.

“If there was any justice in the world, Labour would lose every Māori electorate in 2020.”