“New Zealand’s pork industry will be in jeopardy if over the top regulations proposed by the Government are enacted,” says ACT’s Primary Industries spokesperson Mark Cameron.

“The last thing we need is for productive Kiwi export business to be forced overseas. If these changes are enacted it would be impossible for New Zealand pig farmers to compete with cheap overseas pork, which is likely coming from somewhere with far worse welfare measures than New Zealand currently has.

“It will also drive up the price of any Kiwi produced pork on your fork.

“The proposed welfare changes have the potential to have the opposite effect to what is intended. New Zealand would be the only country in the world to completely ban farrowing crates, even though they are critical to the safety of the piglet when they are first born and most vulnerable.

“Farmers have told us they’re hugely concerned for the welfare of their piglets should these changes be enacted. If the Government thinks these measures are going to have a positive effect, then they’re telling porkies.

“Pig farmers already invest millions in design and technology. this investment speaks directly to key welfare considerations and concerns and is continually evolving.

“Mass imports at cheap prices from less ethical overseas producers, and increased restrictions on Kiwi farmers is a recipe for disaster.

“We need to support New Zealand’s pig farmers and put a stop to these changes.”

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