Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Janssen approved, so what now?

“Now MedSafe has approved the Janssen one shot vaccine, months after the United States and European Union, the Government should be transparent about its plans for using the vaccine,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Under questioning in Parliament yesterday, the Prime Minister showed the Government has no plan for getting back to normal other than vaccination. That’s why it's essential vaccination is done as rapidly as possible.

“The Labour Government is currently at the mercy of a multi-national corporation, begging for each week’s delivery and putting out triumphant press releases when doses arrive, surely it is time to diversify supply, as the Government originally planned?

“Johnson and Johnson said in April it would deliver two million doses to New Zealand by July. Will the Government admit its mistake by going all in with one provider and take Janssen up with that offer?

“Is the offer even still on the table or has the Government missed another opportunity?

“The Prime Minister told Parliament last week New Zealand couldn’t approve more vaccines from other providers until the pharmaceutical companies provided more data.

“That was clearly untrue as other countries approved the vaccine months ago and MedSafe was in train to approve the Janssen vaccine today.

“The Government needs to start treating New Zealanders like adults and be open and transparent with us about what’s happening. The cost of being a sitting duck, praying for luck and walled off from the rest of the world is too high. We need to safely reconnect, and that means getting vaccinated, and fast.

“We’ve gone from the front of the queue to bottom of the OECD. Every day we’re not vaccinated poses a risk. The Government has a duty to get New Zealanders vaccinated as fast as possible.”