“Just last week Greens co-leader James Shaw said Parliament sitting was “putting lives at risk” by sitting in Level 4, and yet this week he’s prepared to fly to the COVID hot spot of Glasgow for climate talks,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“James Shaw jumped on his moral high horse last week saying the health advice was for people to stay home. He might be interested to know that the advice from Government is “do not travel overseas.”

“Shaw is on the record saying many people, such as teachers, have adapted to working over Zoom. It seems that Shaw’s regard for international conferences, this one being the 26th of its kind held, is higher than his regard for New Zealand’s parliament.

“What’s even worse, is James Shaw has declared a “Climate Emergency” and yet he’s prepared to fly to the other side of the world. Surely if he was taking this so-called “emergency” seriously he would stay home and not increase his emissions profile.

“What’s even worse than that, is there are New Zealanders who are desperate to get back home who can’t get an MIQ spot, but he will take that from someone for the sake of meetings that could be done on Zoom.

“James Shaw is showing breath-taking hypocrisy. If he believed his own claims, then he is the one who is now putting lives at risk. After all, the current lockdown, and one actual death is the result of a leak from MIQ. There were nearly 6,000 cases in Glasgow yesterday, it has been rated Europe’s second COVID hot spot.

“If he was serious about public safety - he would cancel his trip. If he was serious about the climate emergency – he would cancel his trip. If had any compassion for overseas New Zealanders who are desperate to get home – he would cancel his trip.

“This is sadly just more hypocrisy from the Greens. Do as I say, but not as I do. This trip should be cancelled.”