Dr James McDowall

List Rank 6 | Candidate for Waikato


James McDowall, ACT Candidate for Waikato

James owns several small businesses, including an immigration law firm. He also works for a large NGO in the mental health sector.

James lives in Hamilton with his wife and young daughter. He has led the development of ACT's Firearm Policy in the wake of the Government's 2019 Arms Amendment Act.

James is also the ACT Board Member for Central North Island.

"I'm a classical liberal who is skeptical of big Government. My experience in business and the community sector has taught me that Government has a role but when it oversteps that role it becomes part of the problem rather than the solution."

David Seymour on James

James is a long-time campaigner for a freer New Zealand, and has been instrumental in developing the best firearm policy of any party. He would make a great MP compared with 90 per cent of the current Parliament on day one.

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