Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Interim report a sobering analysis

“The Royal Commission into Abuse in Care’s interim report released today is a sobering analysis of the successive failures of the state care system over many decades,” says ACT Social Development spokesperson Karen Chhour.

“There should never be any tolerance for the abuse of children, and when that happens on the state’s watch it undermines a fundamental duty of care.

“The role of the current and future Governments must be to learn from the experiences detailed in this report and respond to build a better system.

“Agencies in charge of securing care for children must be held to the highest standards, and it is not clear at this stage that they are currently achieving those standards.

“We need assurances that meaningful change will prevent abuse from happening in the future.

“The cycle needs to be broken. Abuse will no longer be tolerated.

“There is a lot to digest in today’s report.

“ACT will continue to listen as the inquiry recommences and we look forward to its recommendations.”