“The inter-agency review announced this evening into the LynnMall Terror attacks is hopelessly prejudiced before it has even started,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Government claims it did everything it could. It claims to already knows what law changes are required and is making them this fortnight, what purpose could there be for a multi-agency inquiry?

“The Government clearly and publicly stated that it has done everything possible within the law. It says it has already listened to the people and knows what law changes are necessary.

“How can this review find any room for improvement when the Government has already told us it has the answers?

“How can an objective inquiry be held when the Government has prejudiced its findings with its usual knee jerk response to a crisis?

“Presumably they won’t find things the Government should have done, or law changes they haven’t already thought of.  

“We need to take a step back. Rather than rushing, if anything the Government should pause to consider what we've learned, we may need to make different changes than we previously thought. 

“The current Bill before the Select Committee should be separated into multiple bills, one to do the simple and immediate changes, if applicable. Another bill should be given an extension of time in Select Committee to consider new information in light of the LynnMall attack.”