“Fourteen months since the first COVID restrictions, New Zealanders deserve certainty about the Government’s response, not random remarks suggesting the country might indefinitely live at an undefined Level 2.5. The Director General must reveal the planning and documentation his remarks were based on,” says ACT Leader David Seymour

“We're aware there are unknowns when it comes to COVID, we just want to be treated like adults, taken into the Government’s confidence about how they’ll be dealt with. What is the plan?

“When the Director General wonders aloud that the country will be at level 2.5, we deserve to know if that is based on any kind of planning formal planning. Is it documented, where is that documentation?

“On the other hand, if the Director General is just wondering aloud, that’s also something the public deserve to know. Plan or no plan, New Zealanders deserve honesty and transparency.

“The Government must say what the timeline is and what this level 2.5 would look like. This should be part of a formal communication, not just blurted out in an interview.

“This is why ACT has been calling for the return of the Epidemic Response Committee, so we can get proper answers for New Zealanders about how their lives will be affected.

“It’s time to have honest conversations with New Zealanders. Chris Hipkins and Ashley Bloomflied need to be upfront with New Zealanders about what they’re planning for us and how it will affect our lives."