“The Government’s ‘Implementation Unit’ was run on a trial basis inside Grant Robertson’s office and included 115 projects according to new documents,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The so-called Implementation Unit is an admission from Government that it hasn’t been delivering for the past four years.

“The unit, which was in Robertson’s office overseeing 115 projects, has now been moved to DPMC.

“There are three pages of projects the Implementation Unit will oversee – all of them have been redacted from the documents.

“There is $5 million being spent on this unit over two years. Taxpayers deserve to know how that’s being spent.

“The Prime Minister needs to be upfront with New Zealanders about the unit. How many projects is the unit now overseeing? Were they taken off Ministers who couldn’t deliver on promised polices? Will the Ministers unable to see the projects through receive some sort of performance management?

“It’s clear the Government has failed to deliver almost everything it has announced. We now need transparency from the Implementation Unit so we can see what’s happening with policies the Government promised New Zealanders with hard earned taxpayers’ money.”

The documents can be found here: