“Reports that the Cabinet will today rubber stamp the Government buying Fletcher Building out of Ihumatao is a terrible step toward formalising Jacinda Ardern’s worst decision as Prime Minister,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“If you own land and someone squats on it, the Prime Minister won’t defend your property rights, she’ll use taxpayers’ money to buy the land off you.

“What a terrible signal this sends agitators who decide to disregard the legally binding treaty settlement process.

“The Prime Minister’s job is to uphold the law, and none more so than private property rights.

“Instead she has thumbed her nose at the very legal framework that was designed with Maori and has worked so effectively to right past wrongs.

“By doing what she considered to be the popular thing rather than the right thing, Jacinda Ardern has not only legitimised an illegal protest, she has sent a message that her Government is vulnerable to further illegal actions.”