Thursday, 3 December 2020

If not the Health Committee, who Prime Minister?

“The Prime Minister needs to tell the many thousands of New Zealanders who know the PHARMAC model is broken what sort of inquiry she will hold into fixing the problem,” says ACT Health spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“Today Labour members on the Health Select Committee voted down a motion to initiate an inquiry into PHARMAC.

“But yesterday the Prime Minister committed in Parliament to reviewing PHARMAC.

“She said her officials were already working on it.

“ACT takes the Prime Minister at her word that there will be a proper review, even if her Government has concluded the Health Select Committee shouldn’t undertake it.

“ACT is concerned that the Prime Minister, who yesterday voiced confidence in the PHARMAC model, will attempt to run a once-over-lightly review by officials that won’t get to the heart of the issues.

“Medical practitioners from across the spectrum have lost confidence in PHARMAC.

“Many thousands of New Zealanders find they can’t access effective drugs that are fully funded in other countries.

“All have made it clear that PHARMAC is not meeting its objective of providing the best health outcomes for New Zealanders.

“New Zealanders have had enough of PHARMAC ladling out increasingly ineffective generic drugs and not properly considering the societal benefits of newer treatments that other jurisdictions have approved and funded.

“They won’t stand for minor tweaks to the status quo, and they won’t stand for not having a proper opportunity to provide submissions and have them appropriately considered.”