Wednesday, 1 July 2020

If Govt can’t create a Cooks bubble, what can it do?

“Kiwis will be asking serious questions about the Government’s competence if it can’t do something as simple as establishing a travel bubble with a Covid-free part of New Zealand,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Cook Islands are Covid-free and there is no community transmission in New Zealand.

“New Zealanders would like to travel, and the Cook Islands want our money.

“So, what exactly is the hold up?

“Is the Government so intent on promoting domestic tourism that it’s restricting New Zealanders from travelling? Or is it merely incompetent?

“If the Government can’t establish a travel bubble with a territory that is essentially a Covid-free part of New Zealand, what exactly can it accomplish?

“New Zealanders understand there are complications with a trans-Tasman bubble and that it will be difficult to open the border to other parts of the world.

“But opening the border with the Cook Islands is a simple win-win proposition.

“Right now, the Government is like a stunned possum in the headlights. It needs to get on with establishing a Cook Islands travel bubble immediately.”