“The Prime Minister needs to explain why the AM Show can broadcast, I can order ice cream to my apartment and people can order sex toys, but Parliament shouldn’t open,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT believes Parliament should sit next week, or we should bring back the Epidemic Response Committee (ERC) if it doesn’t.

“We have a workable proposal on the table that a beefed-up Select Committee with an Opposition Chair and majority could become a de-facto ERC with minimal admin.

“While we cannot discuss the outcome of Business Committee, media reports quote Speaker Trevor Mallard saying "It is unlikely that the House will sit next week, but no such decision has been taken.”

“Is this about safety, or avoiding questions?

“Our bottom line is democratic accountability. The people elected a parliament, and they all deserve their voices heard, not just those who voted for the current Government chooses to listen to. 

“It more important now than ever that the Government receives scrutiny. ACT is here is here to make constructive criticisms where necessary and helpful suggestions where possible, while asking the questions New Zealanders need answered.”