“In an extraordinary interview on Newshub Nation this morning, Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt has demonstrated exactly why the Commission should be abolished,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Hunt either refused or was unable to answer any of the questions to put to him.

“He was defensive of gangs and stood by giving the Mongrel Mob $200 of taxpayers money as koha. He wouldn’t answer a single question international human rights abuses, he doesn’t have a position on the proposed hate speech laws and couldn’t even answer questions about New Zealanders living in emergency housing.

“After being unable to take a position on any issues in the interview, Hunt then then made the extraordinary claim that his organisation should be give more powers.

“ACT says the exact opposite. The Commission should be abolished altogether.

“ACT’s long-held view is that the Commission is a hard-left organisation masquerading as a government department and must be abolished.

“It has been undermining free speech, cuddling criminals, pushing for more redistribution, and peddling countless woke issues.

“Time to shut it down. And Paul Hunt demonstrated exactly why this morning.”