"ACT’s relentless campaigning for Freedom Day has today seen the city released from its shackles after 107 days in lockdown,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT first called for a December 1st Freedom Day two months ago. It might have come two days later than we called for– but we welcome it finally arriving.

“By early December everyone has had the chance to be vaccinated and it’s time to get on with things.

“But for those two months the Government kept everyone in Auckland in limbo, giving them no date to look forward to and no clarity or certainty.

“Jacinda Arden took Kiwis on a roller coaster of potential policies until finally settling on ACT's policy: set a date and go for it.

"At first both Auckland and the rest of Auckland needed to get every DHB to 90 per cent to be free. Then Maybe the South Island would move independently.

"Then regions would move even if they weren't quite at 90, the Government was going to be 'pragmatic'

"Then there was a 'strong expectation' that the whole country would move shortly after November 29 after all. In the end, Freedom Day was December 3.

"The whole country is lifting restrictions despite only two DHBs having reached the 90 per cent target.

“It would have been easier for everyone if the Government had adopted ACT's Freedom Day straight away, instead of executing a torturous backdown but we got there in the end.”