“Education Minister Chris Hipkins needs to clarify how deep his involvement in signing off the $12 million Green School grant was”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“A leaked video of James Shaw shows him saying that he had ‘verbal signoff’ from Chris Hipkins. And yet Hipkins has repeatedly said he didn’t back the proposal. Both can’t be true.

“If Hipkins gave sign off it shows how hypocritical he is, given his past position on charter schools.  

“It’s galling that he cancelled charter school contracts which required at least 75 per cent of their students to be Māori, Pacific, special learning needs, or low socio-economic status students. How can the Government be prepared to terminate a deal for the most disadvantaged students but not for those at a $24,000 per year independent school?

“Perhaps Mr Hipkins can’t remember because he’s distracted being too many things to too many people. When you’re Education Minister, Health Minister, State Services Minister and Leader of the House it’s easy to see how you’d drop the ball.

“It’s time for the truth from Chris Hipkins.”