Healthy Economy

In a healthy economy, effort and reward go together. Kiwis are doing the hard work part, but as prices rise the rewards are getting uneven, and farther away. In a healthy economy, someone who does everything right should end up comfortable, but that just isn’t true for too many people today.

Economic mismanagement takes many forms. Government waste means more tax without the services and infrastructure people need. Excess bureaucracy means more time getting permission to do things, and less time to actually do them. Government borrowing and money printing in recent years have driven up prices, but not wages.

A healthier economy is about better economic management. Less waste, less bureaucracy, and more opportunity. It starts with the right values. ACT believes it’s good to succeed. Business is not evil, it’s a form of cooperation where people trade value for value and get stronger together.

A healthier economy is about using the enormous resources New Zealand has to ensure all citizens’ wellbeing. The policies in this section are ideas for making New Zealand a wealthier, healthier society.

ACT's Policies for a Healthier Economy: