Honest Conversations: Law and Order

You deserve to be safe in your community. You shouldn’t feel unsafe being out after dark or worry that a gang’s funeral procession will force you off the road as you drive across town.

ACT believes that victims should be the centre of the justice system, not the criminals who have offended against them.

Gang numbers are up 50 percent after four years of Labour’s ‘kindness’ approach. We’ve watched as patched gang members have taken over our streets like they, not law-abiding taxpayers, own the place.

Labour’s soft-on-crime approach just fertilised the growing gang problem. This is the dangerous side of Jacinda’s kindness. She likes to blame Australia, but only two percent of new gang members are ‘501s’ sent from there. We need a Government that takes responsibility for what’s happening on its watch.

ACT has been listening. You deserve better. You deserve safer. We will make New Zealand a safer and better place for you.

You can read our discussion document, Honest Conversations: Law and Order, here.

ACT’s Law and Order MPs
Karen Chhour, Chris Baillie, Nicole McKee, David Seymour and Toni Severin

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