Responding to Halal Kiwi's campaign to boycott "Zionist" brands in New Zealand, ACT MP Simon Court says:

"Calling for a boycott of certain businesses is not a crime, but Halal Kiwi's anti-'Zionist' rhetoric is really a thin veil for antisemitism against Jews in New Zealand. That is unacceptable and they should stop promoting division.

"In New Zealand Jews deserve to feel safe, but Halal Kiwi is targeting businesses and individuals because of their support for Israel and Zionism, the concept that Jews should have a country to feel safe in after the pogroms and Holocaust of the 19th and 20th centuries.

"Advocating for a Jewish homeland is not the same as being complicit in acts of war.

"In New Zealand people of different backgrounds and beliefs live together in relative harmony. We should never take this for granted. Efforts to 'expose' pro-Israel business owners threatens this harmony, just as exposing pro-Palestine businesses would."

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