“ACT would take back control of our streets from organised crime,” says ACT Justice spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“Gang numbers have grown to more than 8,000, up 50 percent since the Government came to office. Growing gang numbers will be Labour’s legacy.

“This is why we need ACT’s Gang Injunction Orders. Gangs are getting so much better at recruitment.

“Gang Injunction Orders would allow the Police to apply to the Courts for an injunction against an individual on the National Gang List.

“The injunction order could then be used to prohibit bad behaviours including being in a particular location or associating with particular people. It could also be used to require positive actions, like attending rehabilitation.

“Gangs are responsible for harm and chaos across the country, they peddle drugs, are violent and intimidating. They cause misery in our communities.

“This is a failure of one of the core duties of government, to keep New Zealanders safe.

“ACT’s plan would take back control from the gangs and deploy an innovative policy to make New Zealand a safer place. As a country we deserve better.”

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