Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Govt’s policy for charging returning Kiwis a mess

“The Government’s policy for charging returning New Zealanders is a camel – a horse designed by committee,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The policy as reported is not one thing and it’s not the other. It will charge some people but not the vast majority, leaving the taxpayer with a $500 million bill.

“While the Government is bickering about who should pay for its own limited managed isolation scheme, the private sector is crying out for a set of rules so it can run safe managed isolation itself.

“Principals, for example, could run their own managed isolation schemes for international students, but they’re not allowed to.

“Skilled workers for engineering projects and horticultural workers for peak picking season could also be isolated at much lower costs if only the Government set clear rules of the game for private enterprise.

“Instead, the Government insists on running the scheme itself, and doing it badly.

“ACT knows the recovery won’t come from state control or political bickering but from free enterprise. The role of government is to set clear rules of the game so New Zealanders stay safe and business can get on with creating jobs and growth.”