After days of negative media coverage on KiwiBuild, the Government has attempted to regain control of the political narrative by launching a scathing attack on the insurance industry.

“Jacinda Ardern says she wants politics to be positive, kind and empathetic. So it is odd that she has decided to kick off the domestic political year by attacking the private sector.

Cabinet has voted to ram through new legislation following a Reserve Bank/Financial Markets Authority report on the life insurance sector.

“The same Government that has overseen the KiwiBuild fiasco has the audacity to tell life insurers how to look after their own customers.

“The irony runs even deeper given the lack of private sector experience inside the Cabinet.

“The Government has smeared the entire life insurance sector by failing to name the main offenders. Maybe they’re scared to do so because they don’t believe their claims?

“More fundamentally, we are now seeing an ideological left-wing Government that wants to regulate or tax every issue that comes up without concern for the unintended consequences it might create.”