“The Government has opted for populism over sensible climate policy with its latest announcement,” according to ACT’s Transport and Climate Change spokesperson Simon Court.

“Meddling in the transport sector won’t reduce our emissions because that sector is already covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme.

“Our emissions won’t be curbed by these new policies – they’ll simply change where emissions come from. If a fuel company doesn’t purchase ETS credits, they’ll be available for another emitter to use instead.

“It will, however, mean that, for tradies and large families who don't have the option to buy an expensive new EV, vehicles cost more.

“The new Clean Car Import Standard is likely to result in a perverse lock-in effect, where people hold on to older, dirtier vehicles for longer.

“Treasury’s analysis of the Government’s 2019 Clean Car Standard suggested it wouldn’t have a significant impact on emissions.

“The Government also needs to answer the question of whether councils will be required to tear up contracts if they’ve already purchased non-compliant vehicles. Councils with long-term contracts for providing public transport may be liable if they can’t complete the contracts and comply with the new standards.

“Rather than meddling in particular industries or picking winners, the Government should be ensuring that we have a functioning ETS which encourages people to reduce emissions at the lowest possible cost.”