Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Govt not on track to transform child poverty

“The Government is not on track to halve child poverty within 10 years of targets it set in 2019,” says ACT Social Development spokesperson Karen Chhour.

“Jacinda Ardern’s heart is in the right place but her policies aren’t really working.

“It stands to reason that those most likely to be positively impacted by the Government’s efforts probably already have been.

“But today’s child poverty data from Statistics NZ shows key indicators hovering around the same levels over the past three years, with positive change in many areas negligible.

“Material hardship rates have reduced, but they’re not reducing at rates that will halve child poverty by 2028.

“If the medicine isn’t fixing the illness you change the prescription, which is why ACT’s welfare policies deserve greater attention.

“Rather than locking so many New Zealanders into a cycle of poverty, which Government policies are doing, ACT is proposing a social security system fit for the 21st Century.”